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Nature’s Support System

For all those who garden, it is common knowledge that gardening is truly therapeutic.  However, there may be some folks out there that are unaware of the many impacts that a simple plant can have on one’s state of mind.  There have been many studies linking the health benefits of plants in the work place and at home. What happens to the people that are not able to work or need assistance due to physical, emotional or mental disabilities?  How can they experience the many benefits that plants have to offer? The answer may be in Horticultural Therapy. […]

Make room for ‘BIG’ color in your garden this year!

Hot, bold hues and diversified shades of foliage are all the rage. From Tangerine Tango, the new Pantone color of the year, to rich jewel tones galore, make this seasons’ garden space your own tropical paradise. Dramatic foliage plants such as Black Lace™ Elderberry or ‘Black Magic’ Colocasia help create that relaxed island feel. Plant them in lively colored glazed pottery. To complete your setting, add a colorful accent such as ‘Jewel Mix’ Nasturtiums or a basket of Caliente® Orange Ivy Geraniums. […]

It’s all in the Form, for Gorgeous Container Combinations!

Upright (thriller, vertical) plants add vertical interest and a sense of height to planting arrangements, making them more lively and dynamic.

Mounding (filler, anchor) plants are used to create stability in planting arrangements. They bring a sense of balance to even the boldest combinations.

Trailing (spiller, spreading) plants are the final “accessory” in planting arrangements. They fill […]

Houseplants as an Indoor Nature Connection

The mere presence of a lone Peace Lily tucked in the corner of the living room is nice. But, with a bit more thought and effort regarding placement, arrangement and interaction with houseplants, benefits similar to those received from being outdoors in nature can be achieved. Of course, this is all based on having more plants than one….lone…Peace Lily.  If a home is to truly be a plant boosted sanctuary, plants should be placed throughout the home. No worries – there are houseplants suited or adaptable to every level of light and a bit of research or experimentation will likely show there is really no need to be limited to one sunny windowsill. […]

Feeding your Fish in the Spring

This Spring, as temperatures  begin to rise, your fish are going to become more active and will start coming to the surface looking for food.  When water temperatures reach 50 degrees you may begin feeding them wheat germ fish food. We recommend Microbe-Lift Cold Weather Food (Wheat Germ).  Wheat Germ is easy to digest at low temperatures, […]



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Butterfly gardens provide food and sanctuary for many vibrant species of Lepidoptera. This type of garden can be planted in even the busiest urban location. Offering even a small habitat can help support the butterfly population in your area. A container garden consisting of a few carefully selected bushes and flowering plants may be all it takes to attract these winged visitors to your home. If you have more space available, you can plan a butterfly garden complete with a walking path and outdoor seating for maximum enjoyment. […]


The Health of the Grower

Rodale Institute in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, is considered the founder of the organic gardening movement in this country. A few years ago, Rodale discovered that some of the farmers who were coming to them for advice and help came because they were sick. Worse still, their families were also sick. The reason was that not only were they eating the foods they were growing with heavy chemical inputs but also their very environment where all the chemicals were polluting the air and soil was also making them sick. If you are a gardener, you intend to become healthier because you’re growing your own foods. You certainly don’t want to become sick because of it. […]


Drought-tolerant plants are friends in almost all weather – American gardens are definitely not in the tropics. Besides weathering hot, dry spells, you’ll love them when you’re busy, just don’t enjoy being outdoors or go away for the weekend. Or do some deadheading to perk up your beds instead.

Given the number of drought-tolerant plant choices, we’ll do perennials that generally thrive in a number of zones and wide areas in this article, and annuals in another. Your local garden center is a great source on what is most likely to thrive and delight in your area, and some catalogues and web sites note water needs. […]