We just had to share!

It’s Spring and it’s seems as if everything is bursting with flowers. Here are some of the prettiest blooming plants at our store


Moonlight Scotch Broom $32.99

An abundance of softly glowing, fragrant, yellow flowers create the soft opulence of radiant moonlight. Pea-like blooms cover the densely branched mound in the spring. Attractive green stems are cloaked with tiny, bright green leaves throughout the summer. Use as a lovely spring specimen or for mass plantings in borders.


Pink Flowering Dogwood (prices vary)

Large, overlapping pink flower bracts with a velvety texture almost cover the foliage of this small tree in early spring. An outstanding yard or patio tree.


Setting Sun Potentilla $39.99

A beautiful selection with unique peach-colored flowers and a neat, compact and rounded form. Expect blooms for months on end when plants are established! Easy to grow, highly adaptable, very hardy and drought tolerant when established, this is an ideal shrub for minimal care gardens.


Red Double Bloom Knockout Rose $34.99

A maintenance free rose that continually produces self-cleaning double candy apple red flowers with a slight spicy fragrance. Unsurpassed resistance to black spot and downy mildew leaf diseases. An excellent low hedge or accent. Deciduous.



Classic Roses: Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Climbers  $26.99 – $34.99

Nothing compares to the color and fragrance variety of classic roses. These garden standards are making a striking comeback!

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