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Kid Gardens


Do you have a little one interested in the green thumb? Or perhaps would like them to just get out there and smell the roses? One thing is for sure, we all need to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors more. With technology these days it becomes easy for our society to become too “plugged in.”

Riverview Nursery & Garden Center is proud to offer a new program to help children foster creativity, and nurture their gardening prowess. […]

New Introductions!

Our online tree store, Bower & Branch, is introducing the Emerald Green Spiral, the first of many to be welcomed into the Bower & Branch family’s new division, Fresco – artistry at home!

The unique, simple elegance this piece brings speaks for itself as it elevates the sophistication of any front porch or landscape for chic, […]


An herb is any plant used whole or in part as an ingredient for health, flavor, or fragrance. Herbs can be used to make teas; perk up cooked foods such as meats, vegetables, sauces, and soups; or to add flavor to vinegars, butters, dips, or mustards. Many herbs are grown for their fragrance and are used in potpourris, sachets, and nosegays; or to scent bath water, candles, oils, or perfumes. More than 25% of our modern drugs contain plant extracts as active ingredients, and researchers continue to isolate valuable new medicines from plants and confirm the benefits of those used in traditional folk medicine. […]

NEW Product – Elements Soil Enhancer

Bower & Branch growers recommend one fertilizer for ALL PLANTS, not just Trees… the Bower & Branch Fertilizer and Soil Enhancer.

One awesome product for all your garden and plant needs – easy to apply in many ways, safe, organic, and alive with beneficial microorganisms and available nutrients – all in perfect balance.

Real Fertilizer – What […]


You can make a terrarium in less than an hour, with very few materials and doesn’t have to be expensive. To save money, shop discount stores, flea markets or consignment shops, where you can find really cheap yet great looking glass containers, jars or even goldfish bowls. The plants you’ll use are generally small houseplants, […]

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