Cherry Blossom Time

With a Kwanzan Cherry tree, you can have your own personal Cherry Blossom Festival! At the height of spring, this small to medium-sized ornamental tree is thickly set with scores of ruffled, frosted pink flowers.

You’ll be snapping pictures like a tourist in your own backyard!


New Introductions!

Our online tree store, Bower & Branch, is introducing the Emerald Green Spiral, the first of many to be welcomed into the Bower & Branch family’s new division, Fresco – artistry at home!

The unique, simple elegance this piece brings speaks for itself as it elevates the sophistication of any front porch or landscape for chic, […]

NEW Product – Elements Soil Enhancer

Bower & Branch growers recommend one fertilizer for ALL PLANTS, not just Trees… the Bower & Branch Fertilizer and Soil Enhancer.

One awesome product for all your garden and plant needs – easy to apply in many ways, safe, organic, and alive with beneficial microorganisms and available nutrients – all in perfect balance.

Real Fertilizer – What […]

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