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To download, search “Riverview Tree” on itunes or Google Play, download the app […]

How to Trim a Hydrangea in the Spring

Be careful when trimming your hydrangea bush! This tutorial shows you how to trim the winter die back off hydrangeas without losing this year’s blooms.


DIY Air Plant Globe Terrarium

View this quick tutorial to see how an air plant globe terrarium is made! Once your terrarium is complete, remember to mist your air plant (tillandsia) 1-2 times per week to keep it happy and healthy. Place in a area where your terrarium will receive bright, indirect light. For questions on this and other houseplants, […]

Feeding your Fish in the Spring

This Spring, as temperatures  begin to rise, your fish are going to become more active and will start coming to the surface looking for food.  When water temperatures reach 50 degrees you may begin feeding them wheat germ fish food. We recommend Microbe-Lift Cold Weather Food (Wheat Germ).  Wheat Germ is easy to digest at low temperatures, […]


Butterfly gardens provide food and sanctuary for many vibrant species of Lepidoptera. This type of garden can be planted in even the busiest urban location. Offering even a small habitat can help support the butterfly population in your area. A container garden consisting of a few carefully selected bushes and flowering plants may be all it takes to attract these winged visitors to your home. If you have more space available, you can plan a butterfly garden complete with a walking path and outdoor seating for maximum enjoyment. […]


The Health of the Grower

Rodale Institute in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, is considered the founder of the organic gardening movement in this country. A few years ago, Rodale discovered that some of the farmers who were coming to them for advice and help came because they were sick. Worse still, their families were also sick. The reason was that not only were they eating the foods they were growing with heavy chemical inputs but also their very environment where all the chemicals were polluting the air and soil was also making them sick. If you are a gardener, you intend to become healthier because you’re growing your own foods. You certainly don’t want to become sick because of it. […]


Drought-tolerant plants are friends in almost all weather – American gardens are definitely not in the tropics. Besides weathering hot, dry spells, you’ll love them when you’re busy, just don’t enjoy being outdoors or go away for the weekend. Or do some deadheading to perk up your beds instead.

Given the number of drought-tolerant plant choices, we’ll do perennials that generally thrive in a number of zones and wide areas in this article, and annuals in another. Your local garden center is a great source on what is most likely to thrive and delight in your area, and some catalogues and web sites note water needs. […]


Late winter into early spring is when we crave fresh growth, a bit of color…some sign that spring is really returning! Swelling buds on Pussy Willow and dainty Snowdrop blooms – which might be overlooked or scoffed at if amongst the lushness of summer plant life – bring excitement, praise and hope! These are soon […]

Get Beautiful Garden Color Fast!

You’ve decided to add color to your garden. And you’d like to do it now. But where to begin?

A good first step in choosing a garden’s color palette is to establish moodand emotion. Do you envision it as a serene and peaceful haven, where you and your family can be rejuvenated and unwind? Or does […]

Birding Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will birds’ feet stick to metal perches in the winter?
No. Birds have no sweat glands in their feet, so there is no moisture to freeze onto the metal surface.

Why aren’t birds eating?

Replace the seed and clean the feeder. The high oil content in many seeds and mixes can become rancid. Make sure the store from which you purchase your food keeps fresh inventory.
Check your seed mixture. It may be the wrong mix for the birds you want to attract.
Make sure you have the correct feeder.
Make sure the feeder’s holes are open and not plugged. Many inexpensive wild bird food products contain high levels of sticks and other debris that will clog holes and ports.

How do I clean feeders?
Thoroughly wash with soap and warm water. Sterilize with a solution of one part bleach to four parts water. Rinse thoroughly. […]