Today, it seems like everyone is making their own terrarium. From DIY Mason Jar terrariums, to elaborate Wardian cases, this garden trend is sweeping the nation as homeowners fall in love with these miniature worlds under glass. Terrarium hobbyists find that they can cultivate plants in terrariums that would otherwise have trouble growing in a dry home with little light. Because terrariums hold moisture and magnify light, it is a great way to keep your favorite specimen plant alive.

This tutorial shows you how to construct a closed terrarium using a maidenhair fern as the plant. Because closed terrariums hold a lot of moisture, you must carefully research which plants to use. Some plants require less moisture and would quickly develop fungal problems in a closed terrarium. While others enjoy this humid environment, and can thrive. The maidenhair fern (adiantum raddianum) is a great plant to use in closed terrariums because is enjoys a humid environment.