Meet Our Staff

Diane Salks – President

Diane is the President and CEO of Riverview Tree & Landscaping, Inc.  Riverview was founded in 1973 by Donald A. Haas, Diane’s late father. Diane joined the business in 1984 and has been the president since 1996, when Riverview became a 100% woman-owned company.  Diane is a graduate of Muhlenberg High School and has a BS in education from East Stroudsburg University. Prior to joining Riverview she taught Health & Physical Education at Exeter High School. Diane’s son and daughter and daughter-in-law, all work with her at Riverview, making it a genuine family run business.

Carol Hottenstein: Office Manager

Carol came to Riverview in 2003 and originally worked with our maintenance crew before her clerical skills were put too good use as our office manager.  Carol is in charge of accounts payable and receivable, making estimate appointments and processing proposals, vendor returns, inventory control and much more. “I like that no two days are alike, every phone call is a new adventure and opportunity.
Also, coming to work sort of keeps me out of trouble.”

Landscaping Staff

Mike Hagel: Landscape Designer/Landscaper

Mike is on of our lead designer and puts his talents to good use designing proposals for landscape jobs. He is responsible for writing estimates, installing landscape plantings, walls, patios, hardscaping and general maintenance of client properties.”

Paul Loomis: Senior Landscape Designer

Paul has been offering his expertise to Riverview clients since 1978! With a degree from Temple University in Landscape Design/Horticulture, he is instrumental in supplying quotes and landscape prints to help our customers design the best landscape for their home. He leads a crew of 3-4 workers, installing landscaping, patios, walls and so much more. “I like the satisfaction of seeing a landscape job from conception to completion and I love making customers happy.”

Aleks Salks: Landscape Designer/Pond Design and Installation/Landscaper

Aleks helps customers create their dream property by creating landscape designs, and walls and patio estimates. He has been with Riverview since 1998 and serves our clients by installing landscape plantings, walls, patios and by designing and installing ponds and water features. “I like being outside in the fresh air and sun, watching the seasons change. It’s great to transform a space properly and to see people satisfied with our work.”

Mowing and Maintenance Staff

Sam Strause: General Foreman

Sam has been with Riverview since 1995, lending his services in mowing, landscaping, assisting in restoring landscapes and helping to clean up properties that have been damaged by storms. “I like running equipment and working outside. I enjoy the challenge of restoring a damaged property and getting it to look the way it is supposed to.”

Frank Gattone: Foreman

Frank has been with Riverview since 1974. He works providing services in masonry, tie work, hardscaping, tree trimming and removal, stump grinding, mowing, snow removal and landscaping. “I love the fact that I can learn something new just about every time I work. I enjoy spending time with the people at work and the clients I meet on the job.”

Ronald P. Gattone: Foreman

Ron has been with Riverview since 1973.  He works the contracting division and is responsible for trimming trees, tree removal, commercial spraying, stump grinding, lawn chemical work and mowing. “I like the challenge of the work and the satisfaction when the work is 100% completed at the end of the growing season.”

Garden Center Staff

Gary Braddock: Pond Maintenance Coordinator

Gary is in charge of taking care of our customer’s ponds! He first came to us in 2004 after a fulfilling career as a biology teacher for Muhlenberg School District. Today, he spends his time opening and closing ponds and performing general maintenance to keep customer’s pond running smoothly and looking good. “I like working outside and working on ponds. I like the exposure to wildlife and it’s wonderful to be involved with our great customers.”

April Johnson: Farm Operations Coordinator

April comes to Riverview with a wealth of knowledge from 30+ years working at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA.  She works on the farm taking care of the many species of trees, shrubs and perennials that are grown at Riverview. She also grows annuals and perennials for the Spring season. She frequently helps to teach classes for the Workshop Program and is heavily involved in teaching the children for the Junior Gardener’s Program. “I love all plants and also love being in nature. I really enjoy helping people learn more about plants.”

Caitlin Miller: Workshop & Events Coordinator

Caitlin takes care of scheduling and running the workshop and events program at Riverview as well as running the Junior Gardener’s Program. She’s been with Riverview since 2013 and started on our farm helping to care for all of our plants before becoming Workshop & Events Coordinator “I like being able to be creative and work with lots of people. I also like working with the kids in the Junior Gardener’s Club!”

Aleah Salks: Garden Center Manager

Aleah has been with Riverview since 2010 and advanced to her position as Garden Center Co-Manager after successfully managing Riverview’s farm for 3 years. Among other things, she is in charge of managing staff, taking care of the live stock, ordering for the gift store and coordinating plant deliveries and plantings. “I love working with customers as well as providing excellent customer service. I also love creating new be­a­u­tiful displays…and everything about my job!”

Kyle Schoenly: Garden Center Manager

Our pond expert and Garden Center Co­Manager, Kyle, has been with Riverview since 2010 and has been managing the Garden Center since 2015. Kyle is in charge of all things pond, and works with our other manager Aleah, to make sure the day to day operations of the Garden Center are completed. “I really like the challenge of maintaining and repairing things around the store.”