Bower & Branch growers recommend one fertilizer for ALL PLANTS, not just Trees… the Bower & Branch Fertilizer and Soil Enhancer.

One awesome product for all your garden and plant needs – easy to apply in many ways, safe, organic, and alive with beneficial microorganisms and available nutrients – all in perfect balance.

Real Fertilizer – What really makes plants grow is just now being understood in full by scientists everywhere. The most recent research and study has opened our eyes as growers and through this research we have now learned so much! The natural systems in place are remarkable, the power of living soils and the relationship to all plants is just now becoming known.

The Bower & Branch Grower team, together with soil experts, have developed the Bower & Branch Fertilizer Element that unleashes the power of the living soil, your soil and your garden.

Out with the Old! For years we have been told to use this or that, depending on what plant or what soil or what time of year… blah, blah. All that is now known to be nonsense – the only one who knows what fertilizer is required or desired by your plants is the plant itself. Duh!

Here’s a little known fact: Fertilizers sold today are sold as insurance only, a guess or a safe bet, on what your plants might need. Science today teaches us that this method is not fully beneficial, more is not better and in fact, we may be interrupting perfect systems for all plants that are naturally in place.

The way you and your father fertilized, the way we were taught as professionals is wrong. We need to change and adjust right now for many reasons. The truth is we need to fertilize and feed our plants the way our grandfathers did, it worked well and while our grandfathers may not have known why it worked – it was good for the soil, the environment and all plants. Bower & Branch Fertilizer Element returns to what our grandfathers practiced.

Plants know what they need! We all know photosynthesis and how plants make food. This amazing process captures energy from the sun by absorbing light, combining that with carbon dioxide plants pull from the air and the water they get from the ground to transform them all into sugars and carbohydrates they use to feed themselves.

This is how plants fuel their activities, such as absorbing water and essential nutrients they need from the soil to build themselves – roots, leaves, stems, shoots, flowers and fruit!

But that is not the whole story at all! Fertilizers today focus on only half of the story, what we see mostly – instead we must focus on the real story and support that with a real fertilizer.

Little known to all is that plants pump about 25% of the food they create back out as what science calls ‘exudates’ (cake & cookies we call them) through their leaves and roots for the purpose of attracting, feeding and communicating with beneficial microorganisms in exchange for dynamic services they provide. In other words, the plant tells the soil what is required and by releasing these sugars in differing percentages, the behavior of the microorganisms is determined. The results are amazing and this is exactly what Bower & Branch growers have discovered and why this fertilizer product is REAL!

Plants depend on important relationships with beneficial microorganisms to:

  1. BUILD Healthy Nutritious Living Soil
  2. FEED Plants Continuously On Demand
  3. GROW Strong Beautiful Vibrant Trees and All Plants
  4. PREVENT Drought Stress, Pests and Disease.

Beneficial Microorganisms are what make plants grow better, stronger and longer. Plants know that when they excrete exudates into the soil, they get direct benefits from attracting, feeding and communicating with these beneficial microorganisms. They also benefit from improving soil structure with porosity so that air and water reach the roots in the proper amounts and increase availability of and access to water and nutrients.

All this produces healthier plants which empowers plants to resist disease and pests – the end result is less watering demands and less pesticide needs! Plants are powerful on their own – if we can only learn to support and enhance the natural systems already in place.

The secret… make sure your plants have the right numbers of all the right beneficial microorganisms… so where do they come from and how do you get them?

Bower & Branch Fertilizer Element contains a diversity of Beneficial Microorganisms scientifically proven to benefit your plants and soil, along with every essential element and trace mineral known necessary for maximum plant growth, health and beauty. One easy-to-use all purpose organic fertilizer.

Our Fertilizer & Soil Enhancer should be applied at planting time and can be used along with compost or any other planting amendments you desire. But know this, follow our instructions and we will empower your plants and your soil.

Bower & Branch Fertilizer Element can also be applied mixed with water and applied through a sprayer or irrigation. From Grass to Trees, we can help you infuse your plants and soil to grow better than ever before.